• The Award is open to photographers who are Kenyan citizens of 18 years and above, in possession of a valid National ID or passport. 

  • Kenya Photography Awards will accept published and unpublished photographs.



  • Entry is free. We invite entries from members and non-member of the Photographers Association of Kenya.

  • Entries can either be single photos or a series. All single photos/series must be taken by Kenyan nationals, in Kenya, between 1st January 2021 and 30th March 2022. This information shall be verified through EXIF data/metadata.

  • Entries in series must contain a minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 photos, while only one photo is allowed for every singles’ entry.



  • There are 6 submission categories: NEWS, DAILY LIFE, SPORTS, NATURE, PORTRAITURE, CREATIVE. The 7th, people's choice, will be picked by the judges for a public vote.

  • Photographers can submit their entries as a maximum of 2 entries per category, across all categories.

  • This means a maximum of 12 entries per person. Entries may either be 2 singles into the same or different categories, or 1 single and a series within the same category or 2 series in different categories.