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The Kenya Photography Awards is an annual event to recognize skill, talent and hard work among professional and upcoming photographers in Kenya. Contestants submit their work in different categories; selected to cover a variety of areas of interest and professions.


The competition’s main objective is the advancement of the art and science of photography and its application in Kenya, including exchange of skills and other relevant information within the community of photographers, as well as the continuous promotion of high professional standards amongst photographers and the pursuit to improve the standard of practice in photography within Kenya.



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Boniface Mwangi–One of the great creative minds that started Kenya Photo Awards back in 2013.

1. News: singles/series covering news events and their aftermath, including politics, economy, social tensions and upheavals, environment, crises, relief and crime.

2. Daily Life: Singles/series that cast light on perspectives of everyday life in Kenya.

3. Nature (wildlife/landscape/seascape): singles/series that show new perspectives on nature photography.

4. Portraiture: Singles/series on people (public figures, celebrities, ordinary people, weddings, etc), staged or natural.

5. Creative: Singles/series that depict experimental and artistic approaches to photography in any of the other categories.

6. Sports: Singles/series that portray a sports event or activity.

7. Humanitarian/Documentary: Pictures that depict issues around development matters or community project geared towards improving their lives and such positive stories.


[NOTE] People’s Choice Award: Judges shall also shortlist 10 nominees for the, which will be won through a popular online vote.

The overall winner in all the above categories shall be crowned the Photographer of the Year 2022

Submission Categories




  • The Award is open to photographers who are Kenyan citizens of 18 years and above, in possession of a valid National ID or passport. 

  • Kenya Photography Awards will accept published and unpublished photographs.



  • Entry is free. We invite entries from members and non-member of the Photographers Association of Kenya.

  • Entries can either be single photos or a series. All single photos/series must be taken by Kenyan nationals, in Kenya, between 1st January 2021 and 30th March 2022. This information shall be verified through EXIF data/metadata.

  • Entries in series must contain a minimum of 4 and maximum of 10 photos, while only one photo is allowed for every singles’ entry. 


  • There are 6 submission categories: NEWS, DAILY LIFE, SPORTS, NATURE, PORTRAITURE, CREATIVE. The 7th, people's choice, will be picked by the judges for a public vote.

  • Photographers can submit their entries as a maximum of 2 entries per category, across all categories.

  • This means a maximum of 12 entries per person. Entries may either be 2 singles into the same or different categories, or 1 single and a series within the same category or 2 series in different categories. 


  • Submissions Open: 1st July 2022

  • Submissions Close: 30th August 2022

  • Judging: September 2022

  • Announce Nominees: October 2022

  • Award Gala: Late October 2022

  • Masterclasses: November 2022