The Categories

This year’s categories are: NEWS, DAILY LIFE, SPORTS, CREATIVE, NATURE and PORTRAITURE. Photographers can submit their entries as a maximum of 2 entries per category, across all categories. This means a maximum of 12 entries per person. Entries may either be 2 singles into the same or different categories, or 1 single and a series within the same category or series in different categories.

NB: You cannot enter the same series or image into more than one category. (Series entries must contain a minimum of 4 and maximum of 12 photos.)

The overall winner off these categories shall be crowned the Photographer of the Year 2016.

  • NEWS: Singles/series covering news events and their aftermath, including politics, economy, social tensions and upheavals, environment, crises, relief and crime.
  • DAILY LIFE: Singles/series that cast light on perspectives of everyday life in Kenya.
  • NATURE (WILDLIFE/LAND-SEASCAPE): Singles/series that show new perspectives on nature photography.
  • PORTRAITURE: Singles/series on people (public figures, celebrities, ordinary people, weddings, etc), staged or natural.
  • CREATIVE (ART/ARCHITECTURE/CITYSCAPE): Singles/series that depict experimental and artistic approaches to photography.
  • SPORTS: Singles/series that portray a sports event or activity.
  • MOST PROMISING YOUNG PHOTOGRAPHER: This category is strictly for photographers who are 23 years of age and below as at 31st December 2015.
  • PEOPLE’S CHOICE: This is open to any type of entry. The photo that has the most likes from the public wins. Only one winner will be awarded in this category with a cash prize of KES 50,000.